Higher degree by research students (MPhil and PhD)

We are looking for self-motivated higher degree by research students to join our team.

  • For international students, see Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI). This scholarship scheme runs two rounds a year. It is highly competitive. In the past, those recipients already had publications as first author in Clarivate-Q1 journals. Those unaccredited journal papers and conference papers are not considered.

  • For international students graduating from the University of Adelaide, see Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarships (AGRS). This scholarship may be awarded to those Adelaide graduates with first class honours or masters degree. The research-based project must be awarded HD or D.

  • For domestic students (PR or citizenship), see Domestic application round. The scheme requires a minimum of a second class honours degree or equivalent.

If you are interested, send the following documents to withawat@adelaide.edu.au:

  • CV

  • Transcript(s)

  • Publication list

  • Proof of English language proficiency

You can expect a reply within 24 hrs if your academic record is competitive for scholarship. Due to a volume of enquiries, unfortunately we cannot respond to every email.

Research experience for onshore coursework students

Onshore coursework students who are interested in extracurricular research activities are welcome to contact us for discussion. Send your relevant transcript to withawat@adelaide.edu.au.